Waiheke Island Jazz Festival - History
Waiheke Island Jazz Festival History

2006 - The JVC Waiheke Island Jazz Festival
Just steps away from the ferry, our big top marquee combined with a huge outdoor arena and the facilities of the historic HarbourMasters restaurant and bar, make for one of the highest concentrations of jazz in the history of the festival.

All Day Jazz Parties swung through Friday til Sunday while evening guests could choose between intimate dining at the Supper Club with fabulous headline acts like Elana Stone, Mitch Woods or Wil Sargisson or attend any of our 5 evening concerts in the big top featuring blazing jazz with our international performers

Those responsible include: Dan Barnett and his Big Band, Orange Kellin's New Orleans Blue Serenaders, Mitch Woods & his Rocket 88's, Elana Stone, Conal Fowkes, David Paquette, Anthony Howe and many more.

The Last Blast once again goes crazy and on and on - no one wants to leave - tears are shed and it's goodbye all too soon to our wonderful guests - until next time...
2004 - The Montana International Jazz & Blues Fest
Expanding once again to include a broader selection of music, the festival also crossed the shores into Auckland City for the first time to include shows at the city's superbly redecorated Town Hall.

30 International artists in 13 themed concerts plus 60 New Zealand artists took Waiheke Island and Auckland City by storm.

Sergio Lavia & Dilene Ferraz took us South of the Border with their traditional latin tango - a lucious mix of acoustic guitar and sultry vocals juxtaposed by the sharp, electric sounds of Ozzy bluesman Ray Beadle & the Vipers - a truly gifted player, Ray mesmerises with guitar shenanigans.

From the soulful, politically motivated acoustic folk music of Baltimore's SONiA to New York's violin maestro Andy Stein and his Blue Four, from Texas with love with rocker Danny Click to Helsinki based Spirit of New Orleans featuring the very cool Leroy Jones on trumpet.

Australia's multimedia darling Monica Trapaga had us eating out of her hands with sex-kitten confidence surrouded as she was by the 5 star rated Bachelor Pad.

Nathan Haines joined in for a fabulous night and once again, the Last Blast saw David Paquette lead the entire ensemble towards another very late night.

2003 - The Montana Waiheke Island of Jazz Festival
This was always going to be a hard show to top. John Boutté returned from New Orleans with his gospel inspired tunes and bigger than life persona. Not to be outdone, French big band, Les Haricots Rouges played with a ferocity and energy capable of refrying the dancefloor.

Belgium Gypsy jazz by way of Waso added to the potporri of styles and if that were not enough to entice, New York's dapper Speakeasy String Quartet transposed the great tunes of the jazzmasters into chamber music pieces complete with violin and cello.

Echos of Swing kept the moment moving forwards by looking to the past for inspiration as George Washingmachine returned to introduce us to songstress Felicity and his ever-ignitable fiddle. David Paquette led the 2003 All Stars towards a feverish 5 hour plus finale at the Last Blast whereapon all the musicians agreed it was jolly marvellous and well worth the effort.

2002 - The Montana Waiheke Island of Jazz Festival
2002 introduced some new players to the festival including New Loungehead and John Boutt?as well as took to the seas on the Whoopee Barge. The festival opened with a bang and jazzed on for 5 glorious days.

2001 - The Montana Waiheke Island of Jazz Festival
The 2001 festival was a great chance for David to show off our island home to friends, family and visitors and make some great music for everyone.

Features included: The Teaser - All Artists, The Human Instrument, An Evening With Waso, Pianorama I, International Allstars, The Cream Of NZ Jazz Musos, Swing That Music, Hot Strings - Guitar, Pianorama II, The Art Of Jammin', Happy Birthday Satchmo, Music From Godzone, Pianorama III, New Orleans Now, Small Day Out - Kids Concert, The Last Blast.

2000 - The Montana Waiheke Island of Jazz Festival
2000 reminded us why we love jazz. In the words of David Paquette, "Jazz is the music of love and laughter or life itself, and all its facets will be on show this Easter weekend on Waiheke".

1999 - The Montana Waiheke Island of Jazz Festival
99 brought a lineup of amazing international artists from America, France, Australia, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Features included: The Sampler, Jumpin' Beans, Lillian's R&B Review, The Hoodangers Hit Town, Keyboard Heaven (10 Piano players), Swingcats Swing!, West Indies Beach Party, Once More With Feeling, Mississippi-itis, Hanging With The Dangers, Pumpin' Boogie, Swing Dance, The Best Of The Fest Jam Session.

1998 - The Montana Waiheke Island of Jazz Festival
98 brought together a wonderfull blend of top local talent and international performers. Features included: Meet the stars Begin with a banh, Waso in Concert, Blue at the Beach, A Night in New Orleans, Lillian in the Vines, Fingers & Frets, Queen City Big Band Bash, Late Night Lillian, Gypsy Jall Al Fresco, The Legends Return, Blues Summit, Resort Reprise, The Best of the Fest Jam Session.

1997 - The Montana Waiheke Island of Jazz Festival
97 had a great lineup as follows: Lilian Boutte and Her International Music Friends, Fullers Piano-Rama - Night of 100 Fingers, Nairobi Trio in Concert, David Paquette & Lillian Boutte and Special International Guests with the Montana Strings, Marg Layton & Kokomo Blues, Queen City Big Band, Legends of Jazz, Wise Shuttle Shuffle Jam Session.

1996 - The Montana Waiheke Island of Jazz Festival
96 brought some fantastic talent to the Waiheke Jazz Festival. Features included: The International All Stars night, The Legends of Jazz, Kokomo Blues, The David Paquette and Montana Strings, The Queen City Big Band, Ending in a Jam Session with all the major acts.